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I think we all hear about the importance of living a balanced life. Our kids get told to do it. We get told to do it. We believe we should do it. But how many people actually do? I’m not sure it’s that many. But I’m on the journey to get there. And I decided to write about it. As a full time teacher, single dad, dog owner, student, friend and lover, it’s not always easy to live a balanced life, but it is definitely easy to develop an opinion about it. How to do it. How to manage it. How to grow in different areas of your life. So as I sit here snacking on some completely sugar-filled chocolate and washing it down with some cold milk, I’m going to write about my journey. You’re possibly not going to agree about lots of things. You might not vibe with me at all. But what you’ll get is me writing from the heart about things that I’m passionate about. I don’t profess to know everything about every topic. But I promise I’ve lived what I write about. So what you will get is real, unadulterated and unplanned life. Lived by me. Mistakes made, lessons learned and advice ignored!

You might want to know how I know the very little that I do. So here’s a brief story about me. Middle class, independent school upbringing, with vague undertones of Christianity. A family of the Australian old school, not always familiar with showing some emotions – although still with plenty of love and plenty of hugs (Don’t get me wrong: they are my family, they are awesome, and I love them!). A dead end university degree that led to a cul-de-sac. Fourteen years in a job that I grew to loathe, interspersed by a marriage that produced an incredible child but ultimately not enough love to keep us going. But I’m a resilient type. Setback leads to reflection and reflection leads to growth. So I’m still smiling. Even after six years of dating women who were either unable to commit or unable to recognise that we had nothing in common. It’s also clear that I have made plenty of mistakes along the way too. I’m sure you’ll read about them!

So, in 2018 I have decided enough is enough. Sure I’ve added some amazingly positive things to my life over the preceding years. But this is the year I start purging all the things that have been weighing me down and really recognise that I only get one shot at this. I have realised that there is a new path before me. It encourages me to work to my strengths, develop my weaknesses and love like I have never loved before. To do this, I have to take a step. A step into the unknown. I have to allow myself to be vulnerable.


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