A Man Returns

I think this is the third time I have sat down and started a new blog post. And given I haven’t posted one in more than 18 months, you could be forgiven for thinking I was gone. That A Balanced Man Writes was no more. No such luck, I’m afraid. Maybe I didn’t have much to write about (possible). Maybe I felt like my new and va

Snuffles says hi!

rious workplaces caused me to spend too much time in front of a screen (probable). Or maybe I just didn’t prioritise it (no question). And at times it has been forgotten. Until I see the file on my computer that contains all these past posts. Or when someone reminds me – which seems to happen now and then. Anyway. Enough excuses. Lots has happened since I last wrote. In the big wide world, and in my little one. So there’s probably plenty to say and plenty to share. To all of those who read before, I hope you’ll read again. Keep an eye out for a few posts in the coming days and weeks…

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